Insanity reference

Game rules

You have 5 lifes at the beggining.

Try to avoid clicking red circles as possible.

After reaching checkpoint you gain one life. Below level 5 at the start of the round you first have to click at least 10 green circles in a row to reach checkpoint. Next checkpoint is then only 9 green circles away. This goes down to 1 green circle. If you hit it, you level up.

Above level 4 is the first checkpoint calculated from formula: 8 + (currentLevel/2)

Above level 4 you do not have to click the circles, but drive mouse over those.

If you hit green circle, you get score points calculated from this formula: 15 * currentLevel If you did not hit it, then you have lost one life.

If you hit the red one, your score is decreased by the appropriate value calculated from this formula: 15 * currentLevel * RedOnesClicked

If you hit the red one and you have less score points than to be substracted, you lose one life and all left score points.

Game ends when you have no lifes.

Tips & tricks

For the best game experience turn on fullscreen by pressing F11 (Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox).

Stay with your cursor in the center of the screen - this is the closest way to all directions.

You might think circles are too fast to click them, but if you stay focused, you can hit them all!

Take a while to relax after each 'death' - about 2 minutes is recommended to stay sharp!

Above level 4 you stay with your mouse rather above than in the bottom - you never know if the next one is red circle!

Do not freak out after hitting red circle for the first time in a round. This is okay, until you hit the red one for more than 3 times. You can loose really a lot of score by hitting more red circles in one round. See the formula above.

This is not done yet!To pause the game just move your mouse out of the window. To resume, enter the window with your mouse again.